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Faith adventures for kids (and their parents)!

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Stories you can trust

Since Robert's first historical fiction adventure  came out in 1992, thousands of kids and their parents have enjoyed the adventures. They're full of history, action... and biblical faith. Today, a new generation of readers is re-discovering the stories. Take a look for yourself!

Whether it's historical fiction, action-adventure, science fiction, or even a good read for Mom and Dad, each of Robert's books combines careful research, engaging characters, and a biblical worldview. You can know that your children or grandchildren will love the stories, even as they're challenged (in a good way!) in their faith. That is Robert's commitment to you.


Practicing God's Presence is an updated classic on prayer, a classic for today's reader. And there's more...

Fiction for kids (and their parents!)

Most of the adventures are aimed at middle readers (8- to 12-year-olds). But many books are for younger readers, and a few for slightly older. Most are on Kindle, many in paper. Check out the titles. 


Enjoy the adventures! ~Robert Elmer Books